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About Us

laela vacanze malta
vittoriosa marina

Laela Malta has been launched with the desire of evasion, the will of creating a new way of travelling and the will of offering a unique experience, holidays in Malta Gozo and Comino. Those who travels with Laela Malta will experience the difference and discover the easiness and the safety of booking on-line their ideal holiday on the marvellous island of Malta. Your holiday starts on the very moment you enter our website, you start dreaming while you choose your destination and you book your perfect holiday at the best price, without wasting time and in a totally secure way. Thanks to the more-than-ten-year experience in travel organization, learning holidays and events of our team, we have gathered our know-how and experience to create a brand new and original travel ‘method’ and our travel consultants team will help you on booking your holidays in Malta and Gozo.

We wish you to know the island of Malta for all that it can offer and for all that you may need. We give you our assistance on booking your holiday in Malta and Gozo, an on-the-site assistant is at your total disposal, 7 days a week, and a telephone number for you for anything you might need. Laela Malta is always at your disposal to personalize your sojourn in Malta as you please.

The islands of Malta and Gozo offer the opportunity to live a unique experience. You’ll be able to study English in Malta and Gozo with ad hoc courses fit to your needs, or to dream the history told by a timeless island, or to enjoy the most beautiful sea and breath-taking landscapes that the Maltese islands offer. The Mediterranean cuisine, with the mix and wide choice of menus available in Malta, the Maltese people’s way of life and the tourists who brighten up the island all year around will wake up your senses.

A light-heartedness holiday in Malta full of fun and enjoyment; all the best that that the Maltese islands can offer, all held in our all-inclusive packages, or customized holiday packages in Malta and Gozo. You can choose among study holidays packages in Malta Gozo and Comino, DMC and events organization services and rental services in Malta. Each section will take you to your most suitable choice among the best offers available in the islands. We know Malta, we live it every day, we follow its changes and we pick up those peculiarities that make you experience emotions and, based on this, we propose holidays reflecting your wishes.

Laela Malta is your Travel Consultant for Malta and Gozo. We help the environment by managing our on-line system, by using exclusively structures oriented to Environment & Sustainability and we believe that all can contribute in their own way to make our planet grow in respect to what it offers.

Have a nice trip and discover the islands of Malta Gozo and Comino with Laela Malta!