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Activities: Diving activity

rent diving equipment malta

Dive Equipment Hire - Malta

Diving activity
Want to do a course, but don't have all the kit? Would you like to go for a Pleasure Dive but have...
comino diving

Comino dive sites

Diving activity
The tiny Island of Comino is situated right in the middle of the channel that separates mainland...
diving malta

Malta dive sites

Diving activity
Malta has loads of accessible dive sites with something for everyone. Alongside a number of...
Gozo 1

Gozo dive sites

Diving activity
Gozo's geology has created some beautiful natural features above and below the water, with famous...
padi courses malta | diving malta

PADI courses - Malta

Diving activity
There is nothing like breathing underwater for the very first time. It takes a little getting used...
diving gozo | padi courses gozo

Scuba diving in Gozo

Diving activity
Gozo is a beautiful place to dive with so many options available to suit all levels...mainly shore...
diving malta

Scuba diving in Malta

Diving activity
Alongside a number of purposely sunk wrecks dating back 10 years, there are also a number of...
diving gozo | padi courses gozo malta

PADI courses - Gozo

Diving activity
Did you ever wander how it feels like to breathe underwater and swim along fish in the fantastic...