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Biking in the island of Gozo is becoming a popular activity with locals and visitors alike. The islands have a great deal to offer a cyclist, with long country roads, narrow walled streets with rough surfaces and smooth long stretches that allow you to get into a good rhythm.
Gozo’s national symbol is the three hills and even though the highest point of the island is no greater than 450 meters above sea level there are a great number of cycling routes that offer a wide range of challenges.

The best months for mountain biking in Gozo are the mild winter months from October to May. The island is a lush green and carpets of wild flowers and herbs cover the hills and valleys. If you don’t mind the heat in the summer, the tracks and roads are no busier than in the winter months and you are welcome to tackle the hills of this beautiful island and stop for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear sea.

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