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The tiny Island of Comino is situated right in the middle of the channel that separates mainland Malta from the island of Gozo. It is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese Archipelago and the most pristine one, attracting all those who love swimming, snorkelling, diving, and other water sports. Following you can see the places where you can do diving:


Santa Marija Caves

Comino is well known for its crystal clear waters which always result in brilliant photographs. The Santa Marija Caves are a pleasant shallow dive with a max depth of about 10m. This site can only be reached by boat. A dive certainly not to be missed.

Alex's Cave

Alex's Cave is situated to the south of the Blue Lagoon on Comino. It is a remarkable underwater cave, including a chamber with fresh air, and there is also a pinnacle and a tunnel which can be done for this dive. This dive spot is suitable for all levels of divers


P 31

The P31 petrol boat was scuttled as a diver attraction on the 24th August 2009 off the island of Comino. She now lies on the seabed at 21 metres, making this dive ideal for both experienced divers and beginners. Light penetrates through many parts into the interior of the ship, providing a wonderful backdrop for photographs.


Cominotto Reef

This spot is done as a boat dive. The reef starts from a shallow shelf, reaching deeper depths along the drop-off. It is home to a number of fish species such as the rainbow wrasse, cuttlefish, sea bass and damsel fish. The area is characterised by some currents and amberjacks are often spotted chasing the smaller fish. 

Lantern Point

This dive is also located on Comino. The boat dive takes us over an interesting landscape. Starting at 5 metres one goes through a chimney, comes out at 18 metres swimming over and through big boulders reaching a depth of over 25 metres. Dentex and big morays are some of the fish which can be spotted along this dive.

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