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Dive Equipment Hire - Malta

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Diving activity

Want to do a course, but don't have all the kit?

Would you like to go for a Pleasure Dive but have just started out?

Got all the latest kit, but need cylinder or weights?

If you come along to any of our sessions you are always welcome to rent the equipment from us, whether it be a mask and snorkel, a dry suit or the whole lot. And if you're taking a course with us, scuba equipment rental is usually free!

A day out with full equipment is the best way to gain experience.

If you are considering buying your own equipment, but aren't sure what will suit you why not try our equipment out to help you make up your mind. We could help you not make an expensive mistake.

If you don't want to purchase your own equipment yet but want to carry on diving, renting equipment from us can be a very cost-effective way of maintaining your dive skills without a huge investment.

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Available Products

Dive Package Full Equipment Rental (per day)

Dive Package Full Equipment Rental
Base price: 19,00 €
Deposit rate: 100%
People1 - Unlimited
Price per person19,00 €
Starting date
E.g., 01/03/2021

Digital Camera

Rent our digital camera to take the picture of your best underwater moments!
Base price: 25,00 €
Deposit rate: 20%
People1 - Unlimited
Price per person25,00 €
Starting date
E.g., 01/03/2021