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Gozo's geology has created some beautiful natural features above and below the water, with famous dive sites like the Azure Window and the Blue Hole. We endeavour to get you to the dive sites you want to see during your visit. Start planning your trip now! Following you can see some places where you can do divingt:


Blue Hole

A bit of a walk/rock climb in your kit to get there, but absolutely worth it! Drop into the frothing waters of the blue hole, and once you're underneath its all peaceful. Sink down to 15m or so to swim out through the Blue Hole. You can either visit the coral gardens, cave and chimney, or go for an exit at the Inland Sea.

Calypso Cave

This dive starts off in Xwejni Bay. Two narrow horizontal cracks at 18 metres and a spectacular arch at 35 metres are found along the reef wall which continues in a north-east direction from the Double Arch. Divers can easily pass through all these openings into a semi cave area, whilst admiring the stunning underwater landscape as well as the thriving sea life.



MV Karwela

The MV Karwela was built in West Germany in 1957. This passenger ferry came to Malta in December 1986 and later served as a day boat trip to Comino. August 2006 it was sunk on a sandy bottom of 42m on the south coast of Gozo. After a 40m swim away from the drop off you will approach it side on. Upon leaving the wreck one can head back to the drop off and continue the dive in shallow water. The fish life is abundant here.

MV Cominoland

M.v Cominoland was built in England in1942. This 295 ton passenger ship is 34 meters in length. After visiting the wreck at a depth of 37m the dive generally continues on the reef wall next to it. One can find a wide variety of fish and nudibranches on this spetacular dive.



Anchor Reef

This dive is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. The dive consist of a dramatic drop off, the top part of which is only 12 metres deep and the bottom is 50 metres+.  Its steep slopes are littered with boulders and rocks and one can find large groupers, baracudas and octopus in the shallower areas. This dive is done generally as a multi level dive.

Ras il-Hobz

Ras il-Hobz, or as it is otherwise known, Middle Finger, is a huge pinnacle rising from the deep waters of Gozo and stopping just 8m below the surface. The narrow channel between this rock and the shore is 35m deep, whereas on the seaward side, the bottom drops dramatically to 100m plus. These features make this dive ideal for all levels of divers, a nearby plateau is just 5m deep, perfect for training or making a safety stop.

Hondoq Reef

Hondoq reef is a shallow dive marked by underwater arches and swim throughs. The bottom is a mixture of posedonia grass and sandy patches. It provides excellent photographic scenery due to its bright white sands and light filtering through the arches. Octopus, flying guarnards, sting rays and sea bream are common amongst the sea life that can be found on this reef.

And many more...



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