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Malta dive sites

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diving malta
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Diving activity

Malta has loads of accessible dive sites with something for everyone.

Alongside a number of purposely sunk wrecks dating back 10 years, there are also a number of historic shipwrecks and aircraft at both recreational and technical depths. For the underwater photography fanatics, all these dive sites are home to a range of wildlife both big and macro. Following you can see some places you can visit:


Ghar Lapsi

The picturesque cove at Ghar Lapsi is the main entry and exit point to access the site. Down at 22m in a cavern a crib has been placed. They are life sized figures of the nativity scene cut from plate metal which is now decorated with colourful sponges and algae.


HMS Stubborn

The HMS Stubborn was a British s-class submarine commissioned in February 1943. Most of its lifespan was spent in the North Atlantic, but in 1945 it was moved to the Mediterranean. In 1946 the Stubborn was scuttled to be used as a sonar target. To reach the HMS Stubborn you need to dive from a boat. It makes an excellent dive, but is only a possibility for experienced divers due to the depth at which it lies.

Polynesian wreck

The Polynesian was built for "La Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes" at Cirtat, France and was launched on 18th of April 1890. A gross tonnage of 6659, 152 metres in length, she was sunk in August 1918 by a torpedo from 'U' boat UC22 as she approached Malta. It only took 35 minutes for the vessel to sink with a loss of ten lives. Many of her artifacts still remain.

Rozi tug boat

This wreck is possibly the best known tug boat in Europe, and is the text-book wreck. The Rozi is a 30-meter-long tugboat that was built in England in 1958. The ship was scuttled in ­­­1992 in the middle of the night, and was originally an attraction for a passenger submarine.  Divers on the Rozi used to stare at passengers when the submarine would go past, and of course the passengers on the submarine would stare at the divers floating around the ship. The submarine is no longer in commission. We do this wreck as a boat dive. In front of you will be the wreck, sitting almost perfectly at a depth of 35 metres, as her mast rises straight up into the light.  The great visibility will allow you to see several families of fish, nudibranchs, the occasional barracuda, and more. Great photographic opportunites are found here. 


Fortiza Reef

This is a shallow reef, best accessed by our fast rib. The underwater geology has created a variety of gullies, swimthroughts and tunnels. Combined with plenty of marine life, it makes a great dive for beginners and experienced divers alike.

Cirkewwa Reef

This reef is found at the very north of Malta, and is done as a boat dive. There are several tunnels to swim through, an interesting open chimney rock formation that experienced swimmers can pass through, the occasional octopus or moray, and other surprises hanging around the huge boulders.  The route also passes by a Madonna statue that stands in a tiny cave. 

And many more...



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