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Hiking in the Maltese countryside or historic villages can be a very interesting and satisfying experience as the islands have a special charm. The main season for hiking is throughout the mild winter months from October to May when the island is green, covered with wild flowers and scented herbs. This time of year is still warm enough to enjoy lunch outside and watch the bustling life of Victoria, or admire the sea views from a fishing village. The island offers one of the most diverse histories in Europe with temples and caves dating from Neolithic times, wonderful churches, markets and historical sites. If you are looking for peace and quiet, there are a number of walks that take you along the rugged cliffs and winding valleys of Gozo with stunning scenery and local treasures.

Enjoy one of our many hiking routes which take you off the beaten path and into the quieter areas of the island to see some of the jaw dropping beauty that Gozo has to offer.