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Mountain Biking in Malta

mountain bike malta
Land activity

The rugged Maltese countryside is ideal for exploring by mountain bike and this is probably the most pleasant way to discover the hidden treasures of Malta.

Laela Malta organizes some activities in one of myriad village and country lanes which criss-cross the islands to reach some stunning viewpoints. With a good mountain bike, helmet and bottle of water, as well as an La&La guide who knows all the back country paths, the island is in your hand!

Experience: suitable for all levels.
Equipment: all equipment included but you can also bring your own.
What to bring: a drink, trainers or walking shoes, shorts or sports bottoms, sun cream and hat if hot.
Transport: transport may be available on request.
Lunches: full days include a light snack lunch of sandwich + soft drink.

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Available Products

Mountain biking in Malta - Half day

The tour in mountain bike is available all year round on Malta, although if you choose to go mountain biking in summer the heat can be exhausting so you need to be prepared for this. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or a more experienced biker, we will always find you the perfect level of difficulty to suit you and make sure you can make the best out of the session. These prices do not include transport so if you have your own transport you can meet us at the location, or we can usually offer transport on request.
Base price: 90,00 €
Deposit rate: 20%
People12 - 45 - 8
Price per person90,00 €65,00 €60,00 €
Starting date
E.g., 27/11/2020