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Trekking in Malta

trekking malta
Land activity

Trekking and hiking will give you the opportunity to really appreciate Malta’s unique character, to stray from the beaten tourist track and explore our villages, the rugged landscape and spectacular coastline.

Laela Malta offers a range of walking routes which will cover the best of the islands’ countryside, with its diverse flora and fauna, as well as Malta’s rich cultural heritage. 

Experience: suitable for all levels.
Equipment: all equipment included but you can also bring your own.
What to bring: a drink, trainers or walking shoes, shorts or sports bottoms, sun cream and hat if hot.
Transport: transport may be available on request.
Lunches: full days include a light snack lunch of sandwich + soft drink.

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Available Products

Trekking in Malta - Half day

Book this activity if you are choosing trekking. Our experienced guides will take you on an amazing route that suits your experience and the type of hiking you are looking for. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner, we will always find you the perfect level of difficulty to suit you and make sure you finish totally satisfied. This activity is available as a half or full day. These prices do not include transport so if you have your own transport you can meet us at the location, or we can usually offer transport on request.
Base price: 75,00 €
Deposit rate: 20%
People12 - 45 - 8
Price per person75,00 €55,00 €50,00 €
Starting date
E.g., 24/01/2021