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SUP Yoga in Malta

sup yoga malta | laela malta sup yoga
Sea activity

Experience the beauty of Yoga on a SUP board in the blue waters of Malta. Train your body, your mind and your soul in the sea. The board makes a fine yoga mat and the extra balance required by being on the water intensifies the yoga routine. The peacefulness of floating on the water combines nicely with the meditative nature of yoga.

This Malta SUP Yoga class is practiced on the board, in the water comprised of basic and more challenging yoga moves that also incorporate the paddle. No knowledge of Stand Up Paddle boarding or Yoga required for this new funny activity.

SUP Yoga is a perfect work out from your head to your toes, anyone can do this fun, empowering class. You will have a short explication about how to paddle board at the beginning of the class.

Get started with SupYoga in the island of Malta with our private or group session, available from Monday to Saturday. All the teachers are certified and they can help beginners as advanced ones.


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SUP YOGA private lesson. Experience the beauty of Yoga on a SUP board in the blue waters of Malta. You will train your body, your mind and your soul in the sea. Use the board as a yoga mat and improve your balance. Life jacket, Sup Board with leash, paddle and 1 hour private yoga lesson included in the price.
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