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The Voices of the Gods

by La&La

Holiday-seminar looking for the sacred sound through the overtones singing with Master Lorenzo Pierobon.

September 5-12, 2015

In the Island of the Mother-God's cult, where Calypso nymph held Ulysses back from his travel.

A wonderful location for a profound regeneration and transformation.

It is no coincidence that Angelina Joile and Brad Pitt chose Gozo Island for their honey-moon!

Here the time seems to not flow, or to flow very slowly, with traditional farmhouses converted into deluxe residences with swimming-pool, with beaches, overhanging sea-cliffs, natural terraces, salt mines, and old churches with red domes, but also biological plantations and farms.

Here it is possible to live in harmony with nature, to rediscover its rhythms and to feel the wellness it can bring about, so that Gozo was called “the happiness island”, due to the 100 wonderful opportunities it offers.

An unforgettable experience in Gozo, in the heart of Mediterranean, the cradle of civilisation, of ancient pagan cults and of Greek mythology. A travel to the boundaries of voice, aimed to retrieve its fullest and most harmonious expression, to give voice to the emotions, to rediscover our divine spark and to contemplate the sacred within and around us.

An unmissable travel looking for the sacred sound we all own: the voice.

Through the voice we will explore meditation, breath, states of consciousness, overtones singing, energetic movement and informal improvisation.

During the morning sessions we will learn to harmonise our body and our emotions: through chant and harmonics we will give them voice.

In the evening sessions we will learn to contemplate sacred dimensions and to meditate relying only on our voices.


*Lodging in a wonderful Farmhouse hotel 4*. Sun, excursions, relax, overtones singing (around three hours per day).

Special discount for those who book by March, 1st and who bring friends.

Booking closes on April, 1st.

Info and reservations: (link sends e-mail), Corsi Crescita Personale mob. (+39) 347 5712019, (link sends e-mail);