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Yoga retreat with Master Dev Kapil

starting from € 900.00 per week

Known as the island of happiness and tranquillity, Gozo is the most ideal location for a relaxing, active or wellness breakaway. It is one island forming part of the maltese archipelago which is embellished with the beautiful wonders of nature and history all rolled into one...offering something special for any type of activity… Like Yoga!...

Join the special retreat with World Champion Master Yograttan Dev Kapil. Master Dev has studied and taught movement for over two decades of his yogic journey in different parts of Asia, Europe and USA. He explored many styles in Yoga focusing primarily on Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. In recognition of his significant efforts to uplift and popularize yoga among the masses, the Government in India awarded him the title of "Yogarattan". 

Seven superbly organised days for practising different yoga styles and enhancing your energies together with a deep meditation practise. In addition to the retreat, Goingozo is giving you the opportunity to discover the unique characteristics of Gozo’s beaches, the wonderfully preserved historical villages and the secret treasures of Gozo’s myths and mysteries, by visiting locations such as Ggantija temples -tracing back 7800 years and also known as being the oldest temples in the world- and a trip to Calypso cave which is where Ulysses was said to have been imprisoned …