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Yoga retreat with Raquel Barros

by La&La
Gharb Gozo

Known as the island of happiness serenity and tranquillity, Gozo is simply the most ideal location for a relaxing, active or wellness breakaway. Do you like YOGA? Join the special retreat with reknowned Italo-Brasilian yoga master Raquel Fisher Barros, who is specialized in Kriya Yoga of Praranhansa Yogananda, Kundalini, Meditation (Ryt certification): spend 4 superbly organised days for practising different yoga styles and enhancing your meridians and energies together with a deep meditation practise. In addition, the retreat is giving you the opportunity to discover the unique characteristics of Gozo’s rocky and sandy beaches, the wonderfully preserved historical villages in all their character and the secret treasures of Gozo’s myths and mysteries