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Malta and the little sister island Gozo are the best choice for your holidays!

The Island of Malta is one of the most fascinating in the Mediterranean Sea. Situated between Sicily and Tunisia, with the isles of Gozo and Comino it is part of the Maltese archipelago which, with its extension of a mere 316 sq. kilometres, it is one of the smallest and most highly populated country in the world. Inhabited by a bit more than 400,000 people, most of whom living in the capital city La Valletta, in the city of Birkirkara and a few other towns, it is a perfect union of green hills, villages with sandy coloured houses, beaches and sea of MaltaMalta is full of of bays, gorges in the rocks and cliffs. The first ones can be Gold-sandy (Golden bay, Tuffieha bay), white-sandy (Mellieha "Gadhira" bay, Armier bay); In addition, the villages stand out for the yellow colour of their old stone houses and for the redish and domed churches, while the capital city, Valletta has a wonderful and panoramic Grand Harbour.

The country has two official languages, Maltese and English. Italian had been the official language until 1934 and it is still widely spoken and understood by three quarters of the Maltese. 

In yesteryears the geographical position of Malta was very important for the archipelago. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Aragoneses, Knights of Malta, French and English alternate; thus making Malta one of the most ancient sites in the Mediterranean with more than 7,000 years of history. In 2018 La Valletta will be European Capital of culture! 

La Valletta is the European capital with the warmest winters, the maximum temperature range between 15 and 16 degrees Centigrade and thermometer never gets lower 10 degrees. This is why it is one of the favourite destinations all year round. Malta enjoys 3,000 hours of sunny days per year: it is one of the most sunny places in Europe and so you have the opportunity to enjoy always its natural pools, bays, beaches and turquoise sea everywhere. The climate is subtropical Mediterranean: winters are warm and rainy and summers are hot and dry, mitigated by the sea breeze on the coastline. Great variations in temperatures are rare.

Have fun in Malta: dine out and taste the local food and wine, experience the varied and vibrant nightlife in Paceville or discover the new nightclubs in Valletta, join the most popular events and feasts... And relax in the most pleasant spas around the island. Malta has a lot of to offer from the past and from the future. Check out  activities and tours in Malta and GozoIf you’re fond of divingrock climbingyoga, pilates, photography, creative writing, archeology, history or food and wine, clubbing or simply the “doing nothing” philosophy, Malta and Gozo can offer you a unique stay. Anytime you wish to visit Gozo – together with Malta it’s the island with the largest number of sunny days- you can find the ideal location to satisfy your deepest passions in an exceptional and special corner of the world.

Everybody describes Malta as a friendly, relaxing, green, pleasant and surprising place. Choose the islands of joy Malta and Gozo for your next holiday!

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