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Malta Useful information

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If you have to drive on the island of Malta and Gozo, remember to keep the left as in most of the Anglo-Saxon countries.


Electricity is supplied at 230 volts, single phase 50 cycles. English style with three rectangular plugs. Adapters are very easy to find.


There are two official languages: Maltese, a language of Semitic origin written in the Latin script, is the national language of Malta. Over the centuries, it has incorporated many words derived from English, Italian and French. English is the secon language. Some people can speak also Italian and Arabic.

Passports and visas

Malta is part of the European Union and respects the rule of free movement of EU citizens without the need for special visas. For citizens from no EU states visit government website.

Travel with animals

It is possible to travel to Malta with your pets, as long as you comply with certain rules and laws regarding the transportation of animals within the European Union. For more information on how to avoid suffering the legislation quarantine visit or write to Tel: +356 21650393


The currency in the Maltese archipelago is the Euro.

Bank branches are generally open from Monday to Friday, morning and early afternoon. While some branches open on Saturday mornings. Throughout the island you can find ATM / ATM open 24 h, as well as several exchange offices. Most of the shops accept payments in foreign currency. The most popular credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, even for small amounts. Banks most used are: BOV (Bank of Valletta) HSBC, Lombard Bank, Banif Bank.


To try your embassy in Maltese territory or in neighboring states, click here.

Hospitals and pharmacies

The Maltese national health system is excellent. Two major hospitals:

Mater Dei Hospital B'Kara Bypass Tel: 356 25450000 Email: Gozo General Hospital Victoria Tel: 356 21561600 Fax: 356 21560881

In addition to numerous private clinics as the Saint James and the Clinic of Mosta.

For pharmacies open during holidays and opening times visit this site .

For emergencies call 112

Useful phone numbers

Maltese is the code number 00356 or +356


Ambulance 112

Firefighters 112

SOS Helicopter rescues in emergencies +35621244371

SOS coastguard +35621238797

Veterinary Relief Malta +35650043888

Veterinary Relief Gozo +35621553769

Malta Airport / Flight Information +35621249600

Gozo Channel ferry +35621556114

Mater Dei hospital Malta +35625450000

Victoria Hospital Gozo +35621561600

Passport office and Id Card Malta +35621222286

Police Malta +35621224001

Accessible tourism

Persons with disabilities who require assistance at the Airport must notify while booking the ticket to the agency, so the company will notify the Maltese airport who will ensure necessary services both in flight arrival / departure.

Taxi for wheelchairs: please communicate during the booking at if you need a special transfer for wheelchairs. La&La Experience will provide you the best service available. In other cases you can contact the company directly Wheelchair Friendly Car Hire (WFCH): Address: 8, Pinto Street, Ħal-Qormi, Malta. Tel: +356 99493963 Email: Facebook:

Accessible beaches: Għadira bay, Golden Bay and St. George's Bay. During the summer you can require assistance directly to the lifeguards in the various lidos.

Visit and stay informed about the services dedicated to accessible tourism in the Maltese archipelago.


The Maltese archipelago is characterized by a particular climate with maximum temperatures of 30° / 35° C in summer (July and August), during the period hot winds of sirocco from Africa. In winter the daily average temperature in January is lower than 15 ° C. The most abundant rainfall occurs between November and February, but during the spring and summer rainfall is almost non-existent on the islands. Thanks to the mild temperatures and the warm ocean currents, the swim season is from May to November.


In the island of Malta is easy to find a Wi-Fi connections where you can connect freely and without cost. Almost all the clubs, bars and restaurants are equipped with open internet connections and throughout the island you can find public Wi-Fi access for a fee. Internet connections is available on the island of Gozo too,

Malta and Gozo Public Holidays.

The dates are the following:

1st January - New Year's Day
10th February - Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck
19th March - Feast of St. Joseph
31st March - Freedom Day
March / April (date changes) - Good Friday / Easter
1st May - Labour Day
7th June - Sette Giugno
29th June - Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul (L-Imnarja)
15th August - Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady (Santa Marija)
8th September - Feast of Our Lady of Victories
21st September - Independence Day
8th December - Feast of the Immaculate Conception
13th December - Republic Day
25th December - Christmas Day